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Thumbs up!

12 July 2019 - The new 3,000 m² playground at Trübsee has so many appealing different things to play on that my children want to go there all the time.

The new Trübsee playground with its "smugglers and sumpters" theme was designed with lots of loving attention to detail. My two daughters – aged two and four – don’t much mind what the theme is – they only know it’s great fun every time they go.

A new favourite playground
During the warmer months of the year, I hear the question “Can we go to the playground?” almost daily. The playground at the Kurpark in the centre of the village used to be "our" favourite playground, but now that has changed. My eldest girl, aged four and a half, refers to the playground at Trübsee as “the right playground” because it is "really cool". That short, snappy review probably says more than any detailed description of mine could.

Slip sliding away!
Since the playground opened, my young enthusiasts and I have regularly made our way up to Trübsee – the ride on the little cable car is definitely part of the attraction. My eldest daughter gets so absorbed in this realm of smugglers and sumpters with its countless opportunities for play that she has to be forced to take a break to eat, and only a bribe can persuade her to leave (such as the promise that she will be able to jump on the trampoline on the terrace of the Trübsee Alpine Lodge). More than anything else she loves the large slide, which she slips down at top speed – sometimes on her tummy, sometimes on her back, but always with a big smile on her face as she shoots out of the tube.


A wonderful time is had by all!
Of course, my smaller daughter needs help, especially on the climbing equipment, but she also has a wonderful time. At the moment, the steps up to the big slide are still too high for her – much to her disappointment. She is consoled by the presence of a smaller slide, which is much easier for her to climb. The point I am making is simply this: children can spend hours at the Trübsee playground, having endless fun. It’s also a great place for their parents, who can enjoy pleasant seating, barbecue grills, gorgeous views of the mountains and lake, as well as the delighted laughter of their happy offspring.


Text & Photos: Andrea Hurschler
Andrea Hurschler lives in Engelberg with her husband and two small daughters (aged two and four). Having two such energetic little girls has made her something of an expert on playgrounds. 


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