Engelberg Blogs

The bright ringing of the rolls that the Schmutzli carries around his belly is the unmistakable sign that Father Christmas is on his way. The children's hearts begin to beat faster. And even if they don't admit it, their excitement grows by the second. I wonder what's in the golden book? Questions upon questions chase each other in the children's minds at this moment. There is a knocking at the front door. This is the moment when even the most cheeky become quiet and silent. And then they stand there in the living room. The man with the long, white-grey beard in the bishop's robe with his two helpers. Ruprecht with his shaggy beard has put on a brown robe to protect him from the cold outside. The Schmutzli is mysterious. Only the whites of his eyes can be made out in his black face. An unequal trio at first sight. But they form a strong team and support each other wherever they can.

It has become a tradition for Father Christmas and his helpers to visit families in Engelberg during the first week of Advent. These visits are made possible primarily thanks to the Samichlausenbruderschaft. They work free of charge and organise everything to do with the Samichlaus custom. This cannot be taken for granted. But they always manage to recruit enough young people to help out. And so this year, after the entrance on Friday, 29 November and the sending out in the monastery church by the abbot of the monastery, Father Christmas from Engelberg will once again set out to visit the families on Saturday, 30 November. And yes, dear children, even Father Christmas has palpitations before his visits. But this fades away when he sees the shining eyes of the children in the warm living room. Then he knows that he and his helpers are welcome.


Text & Bilder : Beat Christen