Running in the Alps doesn't necessarily mean that you have to turn your lungs inside out to breath. With the cable cars in Engelberg, you reach the mountainsides with still enough energy to admire the view of the beautiful surroundings.

After running the trail from Bergrestaurant Fürenalp towards Engelberg for approximately 3,5 kilometers the landscape opens up. I’ve reached the end of the forest that has been around me for the last 1 kilometer. The conifers are replaced with alpine meadow and the view over Engelberg village is stunning. Too mesmerised of what’s in front of me I stop, remove my sunglasses and just keeps standing on the trail, watching the sun setting behind the mountains on the other side of the valley.

My trip to Engelberg this time has one goal, to explore and experience the summer trails. Before leaving Sweden to travel to Switzerland I come to the conclusion that few people know the trails better than Thomas Infanger, the hotel manager at Trail Hotel Engelberg. Born and raised in Engelberg and a passionate trail runner. I book an appointment with him at his hotel.

We meet and I ask him about where to run. He unfolds a couple of maps at the table in front of me and points at them. He tells me which cable cars to use and which trails that have the best view over the valley. I listen carefully, trying to memorise as much as possible. We agree to run together for a couple of hours at Brunni two days later. I say goodbye to the very kind and helpful Thomas and look forward to soon meet him again.

The weather Gods are unfortunately against us when we meet at the bottom of the cable car up to Brunni. It’s foggy and light rain in the air. Thomas is still happy and it makes my mood better. We enter the big cable car and run the trails we have planned when reaching the top. Thomas tells me about the area while we are moving along the trails. About his childhood in the mountains and about his hotel, which has been in the family for a while. When finished with the running we end the morning session with a coffee at Brunnihütte before leaving the mountain with the cable car.

The day after I have a new guide on the mountain. The swede Stefan Brunqvist, manager at Spannort Inn, has joined me and he promises me to show me all the good stuff next to Trübsee, at the Titlis-side of the valley. When heading down in the evening he sure has kept what he promised me. Satisfied with what I’ve been able to experience in the mountains the last couple of days I return to Spannort Inn. Exhausted I fall asleep immediately in the big bed in my room there.


Axel Adolfson
Passionate skier from Sweden who spends his summer running trails when he’s not out sailing with his boat.