Climbing on warm rock

Even if the air is still cold: the spring sun shines on the bare rocks, which quickly store the light energy. If you go climbing now, you can be warmed by the radiation. This is undoubtedly an advantage on the wall and reason enough for all climbing fans to go bouldering, climb a via ferrata or let off steam in a climbing garden - these are even accessible sooner than the bouldering blocks in the Surenental. 

Double spring

Down in the valley, spring has already begun. Here in Engelberg it's just beginning. If you come up now, you get to enjoy spring twice, and it goes like this: let your soul dangle, look, breathe, live. And yes: the Fürenalp and Brunni lifts start running again in May: Then it's up to the third spring.

Ski touring and high-altitude tours

Now the hearts of ski touring enthusiasts are beating faster again, literally, because now is exactly the best time for ski touring in the high mountains. Engelberg is an ideal starting point. It should be obvious to everyone, but it still needs to be said: always go to the high mountains with experienced people. June and the summer months are the time for high-altitude tours.

every choice for your day

Anyone who likes to travel in a group knows this well: some want this, others want something completely different. Now the days are ideal for families, groups and cliques, because everyone gets everything at any time: some go skiing, others are going hiking, those who want to treat themselves to wellness or do nothing at all, every day according to their mood. And in the evening, everyone is happy together again and talks about their adventures.

Focus on spring

Of course, you can also do this with your mobile phone, but here is our personal spring tip: Grab a real camera and focus on the awakening nature: buds and shoots in micro and macro, the spring green of the meadows in zoom and the bright light of the firmament in wide angle. And with a lot of luck: a well-rested marmot. Create your own world of images.

Coffee and books

If the weather is ever more wintry than spring-like, we switch to an indoor day and enjoy a coffee at the Roastery in the village. There, coffee is roasted, brewed and served according to shade and sun slope. Extraordinary: In the same pub there is also a small bookshop with a focus on the Alps.


Text: Christian Hug

Christian is a regular visitor to Engelberg and appreciates the diversity and authenticity of the village and the rawness of the mountain arena. He loves the benefits of all seasons and the variety.

Animal photos: Hans Burch