FIS says no to women's ski jumping

At the end of the 1990s, the FIS was still opposed to women's ski jumping and a senior FIS member is said to have stated that the uterus could rupture during the landing! This statement led to an outcry in the sports world.


First international competitions

Due to the lack of international competitions at national level, the athletes had to fight for their existence and promotion. The first World Championships for women finally took place in Liberec in 2009. World Cup jumping has been organised since 2011, until then the Continental Cup was the highest competition series for women.


Olympic recognition

The sport became an Olympic sport in 2014, which was a real game changer. The FIS's decision to integrate women's ski jumping into the Olympic programme marked significant progress in gender equality and promoted development.


Long jumps on the world's largest ski jumps

The last few years reflect the technical development and professional training of women. The jumps have become longer, higher and more technically demanding. With a little more inrun than the men, the women achieve the same distances as the men. The fact that women are now also allowed to compete on the world's large ski jumps will give the sport a further boost.


The fight for equality

The FIS recognises the growing popularity of women's ski jumping and has created a platform for first-class competitions in recent years. The integration of women's competitions into established events, such as in Engelberg, has also contributed to women's ski jumping becoming an integral part of winter sports. However, the path to equal rights and recognition is not yet complete. This is because the level of attention is still significantly lower than for men, which is also reflected in the prize money: Women receive more than half less than men for a World Cup victory.


First women's World Cup ski jumping event in Switzerland

A wonderful premiere will be celebrated in Engelberg on 15 December: A World Cup ski jumping event for women will be held in Switzerland for the first time! This premiere is particularly cool for everyone in Engelberg: If all goes well, Sina Arnet, a young woman from Engelberg, will also be taking part. As a child, Sina Arnet could only emulate the men, she had no female role models. In the meantime, she has become an idol for little girls. "Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of jumping off the Gross-Titlis ski jump and maybe even competing in my home town one day. I never knew if it could ever become a reality. The fact that one of my biggest childhood dreams can now come true makes me incredibly happy," says the 18-year-old.


Watch Sina Arnet become the first Swiss woman to jump over the Gross-Titlis ski jump in Engelberg!


Andrea Hurschler
As head of media for the Viessmann FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Engelberg, a sports enthusiast, mother of two daughters and a native of Engelberg, she is particularly thrilled that the women will be jumping over the Gross Titlis ski jump for the first time and that a local female jumper will also be taking part.