Alpine cheese dairy Hüttismatt

The Hüttismatt’s cheesemaker-in-chief is Rosmarie Hurschler, one of Switzerland’s few female Alpine cheesemakers. Rosmarie processes more than 25,000 litres of milk each year, and her semi-hard cheese is so good it regularly wins prizes. Rosmarie was inspired to learn the art of cheesemaking by her husband Edy, who encouraged her to take a course and get qualified.

The Hüttismatt is by the Brunnibahnen mountain cableway station, close to the sunny Ristis. It can therefore easily be reached by cable car or via one of the hiking routes from Engelberg. The Hüttismatt lies on the picturesque Walenpfad high Alpine trail and is the start point of the barefoot path to the Brunni mountain lodge.

cheese specialties

Direct sales at the dairy

  • Alpine cheese

  • Alpine mutschli

  • Butter



Rosmarie & Edy Hurschler

6390 Engelberg

+41 79 211 15 60