Bike Only Trails

With trails of varying difficulty that are reserved exclusively for you as a biker, Engelberg offers the best conditions for pure downhill fun. The three trails on the Joch Pass can also be easily reached by chairlift and ridden as often as you like.

Trails at Jochpass

Let it rip on the three trails on the Jochpass and recover from your runs on the chairlift ride up. 100% fun is guaranteed!

Jochpass Trail

Jochpass – Trübsee

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced biker, you'll have fun on the new Jochpass Trail. This trail has various ramps and bends, which you can ride at different speeds.

Distance: 4.5 kilometres
Height difference: 440 metres
Level: Moderately difficult (biking experience required)
Open: July to October

Hell Bells Trail

Jochpass – Engstlenalp

With a path width of one metre, the Jochpass-Engstlenalp route is comfortably laid out. Nevertheless, there are a few technical challenges lurking for you.

Distance: 2 kilometres
Height difference: 285 metres
Level: Moderately difficult (biking experience required)
Accessible: July to October

Trudy Trail

Jochpass – Trübsee

The mountain bike trail leads from the Jochpass down to the Trübsee station. There are more difficult passages, steep turns and obstacles along the way, but no big drops or jumps. Perfect for downhill enthusiasts.

Distance: 1 kilometre
Height difference: 210 metres
Level: Demanding (only for good bikers)
Open from July to October

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Prices, transport and MTB shuttle


  • Titlis area
  • Brunni area
  • Fürenalp area
  • Buiräbähnli

Find all train prices as well as the bike transport prices of Engelberg here:



The region of Central Switzerland offers countless possibilities for Enduro Bike Shuttle days. 

The bike shuttle will show you the strongest trails in the region: Engelberg, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Lucerne, Uri. Enjoy beautiful descents from flowing to blocky. Short distances, great trails - combined properly, you'll have cool Enduro days!

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Trail rules

Trail rules for mountain bike guests

Cyclists visiting Engelberg can choose from a range of different bike trails. As not all the trails are reserved exclusively for cyclists, we ask you to follow a few rules in order to avoid clashing with other trail users. The rules are also intended to protect the natural landscape and ensure your safety.




To get your bike clean and ready for the next tour, you can take advantage of the bike wash at the Titlis valley station. Two bicycle wash bays are available to the left of the main entrance.

Opening Hours (Mid-June to Mid-October)
Monday to Sunday: 8.30 am - 6 pm)


At the Hotel Crystal on the side towards the train station, bikers will find a bike public laundry. Please follow the instructions.


The bike wash at BIKElocal can be used at any time. Please do not spray against the shop windows during washing. After washing, please roll up the hose again and turn off the water.


The facility is located in front of the hotel (to the right of the main entrance) in summer and is always freely accessible.

E-bike charging stations

Battery empty? - No problem.

  • Charging station at Ristis 
    Charge your e-bike at the charging station on Ristis. Recharge your own batteries in the mountain restaurant with a delicious lunch and a refreshing drink. 

  • Charging station at Sporting Park

  • Charging station at Hotel Crystal 
    Guests with e-bikes will find charging outlets for their chargers at the parking lot (e-car charger), in the restaurant as well asin the bike workshop. The charging station is supplied with our own solar power from the hotel roof and CO2 free hydroelectricity.


In the freedom of the mountains, we find adventure, fresh air and thrills. But while we conquer the trails, we must never forget that we are only guests in this breathtaking nature. The Bike-Kodex is more than just a set of rules - it is our commitment to the environment, the trails and all those who share them with us.

We show respect

And are role models. Therefore ...
... we greet and thank pedestrians
... we give way to pedestrians
... we make ourselves noticed before overtaking
... we close fence passages
For more tolerance on the trails.

We stay on the path

Und schätzen die Trails und Routen. Deshalb …
And appreciate the trails and routes. That's why ...
... we respect road closures and driving bans
... we observe time or seasonal restrictions
... we do not take shortcuts
For more fairness on the trails.

We care about the environment

And respect nature. That's why ...
... we respect wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas
... we show consideration for animals and plants
... we do not ride over plants, mushrooms or meadows
... we ride on trails with sufficient daylight
... keep quiet when animals are present
For more fun on the trails.

We leave no traces behind

And still have fun. That's why ...
... we avoid blocked wheels
... we adapt our speed to the situation
... we take our rubbish with us
For more respect on the trails.