Buiräbähnli Adventures


Experience the Buiräbähnli Safari and buy the corresponding Buiräbähnli pass!

The following lanes are included

  • Mettlen – Rugisbalm – Lutersee
  • Diegisbalm – Wolfenschiessen
  • Zälgli – Brändlen 
  • Fell – Spies
  • Oberbord – Engelberg
  • Geissmattli – Bielen
  • Oberalp – Diegisbalm (only required for additional loop)
  • Schmiedsbode – Oberrickenbach
  • Spies – Sinsgäu

- The cable car Oberalp - Diegisbalm is only required if the additional loop into the Oberalp is still attached.
- Excluded: The Brunni lifts (incl. chairlift) are only suggested as an alternative on the hiking route, but must be paid for separately.

Available here

With this pass you save CHF 5 compared to single journeys. There are no special discounts with a guest card, 1/2 tax or GA. There is no pass for children, tickets must be paid for directly at the railway station.