Hiking with Pushchair

A total of 11 varied walking and hiking trails are designed to be suitable for pushchairs.

1.Grottenweg 1 h
2.Engelberg-Schwand-Ristis2 h 30 min
3.Engelberg-Schwand-Bergli2 h 30 min
4.Eugenisee30 min
5.Aaschlucht2 h 15 min
6.Professorenweg45 min
7.Professorenweg (Golfplatz)1 h
8.Engelberg-Schweizerhaus-Wasserfall45 min
9.Ristis-Rigidalalp-Brunnihütte1 h
10.Trübsee45 min
11.Engelberg - Alpenrösli2 h

Hikingmap with pushchair