There are plenty of opportunities to behave considerately and responsibly as a tourist and contribute to the sustainability of the region.

Sustinable Arrival

Engelberg is easy to reach by public transport, which is also more sustainable. By train you choose a much more environmentally friendly option. Engelberg's infrastructure is also equipped for electric cars. At the moment we have 8 charging stations.

Move CO2 Neutrally

The valley stations are easily reached on foot. Engelberg has free local buses, so no private car is needed.

Preciius water

Engelberg is blessed with precious water that flows from the clear mountain rivers, springs and waterfalls.

  • It is recommended to taste the wonderful tap water.
  • For on the way we recommend a refillable bottle.
  • Avoid excessively long showers.
  • Use towels, if possible, for several days in a row.

Pay attention to nature

Even if activities are the main focus of your holiday, it is important to respect nature. Our region is not only a destination for visitors and tourists, but also home to a unique flora and fauna that requires special protection.

Offsetting via myclimate

Calculate and offset the emissions caused by your journey with myclimate.

Local specialities

Discover more during your trip than what is written in the travel guide. Eat in local restaurants and try our regional, country-specific specialties. Engelberg has a cheese dairy and seven different alpine cheese dairies that produce tasty regional alpine cheese.