Safety on the mountain

Safety on the mountain -Deep snow, untouched slopes and fantastic descents. As soon as the first snow falls, every enthusiastic tourer, freerider and freetourer is drawn unstoppably into the mountains. But if you want to enjoy the pleasure off the marked slopes and in unsecured terrain, you should also know exactly about the possible risks and dangers and get informed!

Alpine Rescue

Alpine Rescue Switzerland (ARS) provides terrestrial rescue services for people in need and in need of help in the alpine, pre-alpine and difficult to access areas of Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

Alpine Rescue Switzerland is an independent, non-profit foundation, supported by Rega and the Swiss Alpine Club SAC. It is, among other things, the point of contact for the cantons which - with the exception of the canton of Valais - have transferred their terrestrial rescue tasks in the mountains to ARS. The 90 rescue stations of the seven regional clubs are distributed over the foothills of the Alps/Alps and Jura in such a way that the 3,000 rescuers organised in them today can reach a scene of action in the shortest possible time.

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Rega is at your service around the clock, all year round - in Switzerland and abroad. Ill or an accident? You can count on quick and uncomplicated help from the air!

Rega is a non-profit, independent and private foundation, supported by the solidarity of its patrons. As the national air-rescue organisation, it provides air rescue services around the clock. With your patronage contribution or donation, you enable Rega to provide air-rescue services for the benefit of the Swiss population.

Alarm number: 1414