Climbing in the Sporting Park
After the cosy morning on the farm comes "me-time" for mummy - but definitely less relaxing. Climbing in the gym is where my muscles are called for.

Some of those present, a colourful mix of children with their parents, try their hand at conquering the climbing wall under the guidance of mountain guides Daniel Perret and Thomas Odermatt. Some of them for the first time, some are already quite practised, others like me: something in between. 

I want to tackle the easiest route. But Dani motivates me to try a more difficult variation. A little nervous about whether I would really be able to do it, I try to work my way up the wall. I soon manage the first few metres, but my arms start to burn. 

In the middle of the wall I call down (the inner pig sends his regards): "It's OK, you can let me down." No way, says Dani and coaches me higher and higher. He lets me pause, but certainly not down. So thanks to his motivational skills (and probably also thanks to pulling a little harder on the rope) I actually make it all the way up.

I'm happy with this sense of achievement and, like many of the other participants, I feel like going on to bigger climbing adventures. 



Andrea Hurschler

She is a native of Engelberg and appreciates the nature and leisure activities in Engelberg. With her participation in the summer programme, the local mum of two felt like she was on holiday.