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Skiing with tiny tots

5 February 2019

I know what you’re thinking, and, yes, it can be a challenge to take small children skiing! But it is nonetheless tremendous fun, and at the conveniently situated Klostermatte it’s much more straightforward than in a lot of other places.

It feels like a high-performance sport just getting my two children, aged two and four, dressed and ready for the ski slopes. Ski suit, helmet, boots, scarf... “Where the heck are those gloves?” “Don’t run off yet; we’re not finished.” By the time they’re ready I feel like I’ve already done my exercise for the day. I’m sweating – and I’m not even dressed myself yet.

Feeling like a mule
When we go out skiing as a family we take the shuttle bus to the Klostermatte. It is free of charge, and my husband and I have enough hands and shoulders between us to carry everything we need. If I’m alone with the kids, however, I pack everything into our bike trailer and walk the ten minutes to the Klostermatte. I’m now sweating for the second time this day and can’t help asking myself why I even do this to myself. 

Get set, go!
My mood lifts when we reach the Klostermatte. I remember how lucky we are to live within such easy reach of these slopes and are able to get there simply on foot, or by car or bus. I have had very different experiences in other, less convenient ski areas, where I have sworn that I will only ever go skiing with the kids when they are capable of dressing themselves and carrying their own skis. Here, we can get going in next to no time, grabbing onto one of the three magic carpets or the button lift as soon as we arrive.  


All smiles
nother reason we like the Klostermatte so much is that it has something for everyone: for tiny tots and absolute beginners, for those testing their wings, and for those who have already tried out more difficult slopes. While I look after my youngest, her elder sister is able to ride up the slope on the magic carpet or the button lift all by herself. I can keep an eye on her the entire time and have nothing to worry about. When that is possible, skiing with the kids is actually really good fun! 

Rest and recreation
When we need to take a break, we sip hot fruit drink from our thermos or warm up at the OX family-friendly restaurant, which is situated right by the slopes. The children are big fans of the sausages and chips and are delighted with the play area featuring large Lego bricks. 

A happy ending
When we’re done for the day, we can get back home quickly and easily – no waiting for transportation, no long walks. I need to shower as soon as I get home, but on balance the positives far outweigh the negatives. I am glad to be able to share my hobby with my children and to pass on my passion for skiing. I’ve almost forgotten how stressful it was to get them dressed in the morning.

Text & Image: Andrea Hurschler
Engelberg native Andrea Hurschler is teaching her two small daughters to ski in the same place she learned – the Klostermatte. As an enthusiastic skier, she is thrilled that her children share her love for winter sports. 


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