In Engelberg all cable cars are operated with CO2-neutral electricity. All companies are striving to promote sustainability in our region with further projects.


Today, a medium-sized mountain cableway company cannot yet be operated completely without CO2 emissions. The Swiss carbon offset foundation myclimate confirms that Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg AG has made a sustainable contribution to voluntary climate protection by offsetting 347.07 t CO2 in high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects and awarded Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg AG the title of "climate neutral company 2018" on 1 May 2018. The Brunni Lifts as a whole are certified as the only climate-neutral mountain railway in Switzerland due to their climate measures.


In their corporate strategy, the Brunni cableway corporation has committed itself to the sustainable and careful use of energy resources. The following measures have already been taken in recent years:


  • On 31 May 2016, the company's own solar power plant on Ristis with a capacity of 27 kWp went into operation. The solar power plant produced 30,000 kWh of electricity in its first year of operation. This is roughly equivalent to the amount of electricity required for snow-making on the slopes between Ristis and Brunnihütte.


  • In the Berglodge Ristis, hot water production has been supported by a thermal solar system and the waste heat from the cooling systems for almost 20 years. The system was renewed in spring 2019 and the heat is sufficient in summer to cover the entire hot water requirement without combustion energy.


  • On the first of August 2019, the solar roof of the Ristis mountain restaurant went into operation, which has an installed capacity of 99 kWp with solar tiles on an area of approx. 650 square metres. The roof produces considerably more electricity than the Ristis mountain restaurant needs.

  • The hot water and heating energy of the family restaurant OX on Klostermatte is extracted from the ground water.

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  • Since June 2013, the transport facilities have been running on 100% electricity from virtually CO2-free hydropower.
  • Awareness-raising actions for school classes within the framework of a "climate day".




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  • The Ristis mountain restaurant gets its heating energy in winter from a CO2-neutral pellet heating system


The Titilis Cabelways are in discussion with the myclimate foundation to launch further projects.



  • All Titlis snow groomers are powered by biofuel.


  • The treatment plant on the Titlis filters the dirt so that the water becomes clean.
  • The waste is separated in special containers on the Titlis and then transported to the valley.





  • The electricity of the Fürenalp cable car is generated 100% by water power from the region. 


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