Nature & Region

The Engelberg Titlis region has a unique flora. As a region, it is important to us that this diversity can be consciously perceived and enjoyed. The area also has a wide range of regionally produced products.


The protection of natural habitats and of species of flora and fauna helps the environment and human health. Engelberg's diverse flora includes beautiful clear mountain lakes and fresh Alpine air. Perpetual ice high up in the mountains preserves the exclusive minerals.  Unique mountain rivers spring from the Seven Springs, flow over the impressive waterfalls down into the valley of Engelberg. In the village the inhabitants benefit from cool drinkable tap water.
Everyone is allowed to admire the landscape, a respectful treatment of nature guarantees a long-term preservation of the alpine flora. The designated "alpine flower trails" from Gerschnialp to Trübsee lead visitors through Obwalden's extraordinary paradise. On this journey hikers can learn a lot about the diversity of plants and their medicinal uses.


  • The purification plant on the Titlis filters the dirt so that the water becomes clean.
  • The waste is separated in special containers on the Titlis and then taken to the valley.
  • The waste from Engelberg is separated at the disposal point thanks to various containers and can therefore be disposed of properly.
  • All residents and guests are asked not to leave the waste lying around and to take it with them at all times.
  • The same applies to the disposal of fruit or vegetable peelings, as non-organic sprays are often used in cultivation.


The location of Engelberg on a plateau allows us to purchase a variety of products directly from the region.

Especially popular is the cheese from the Engelberg cheese factory and the eight other alpine cheese dairies in the region around Engelberg. The cheese is produced directly in the Alps. Thanks to the fresh, spicy and healthy herbs and grasses of the alpine pastures, the cheese is very tasty.

In summer there is a market every Saturday where a wide range of regional products are sold. The gastronomy also takes advantage of this natural wealth and appreciates the high quality of regional products, which find a place on the plate as often as it is convenient.

Engelberg has a direct supply of spring water of excellent quality, which makes tap water a pure enjoyment of nature. Close cooperation with agriculture is important to ensure that the groundwater is not polluted.