Treats for e-bikers
Not only the Alpkäse Trail is new, but also the e-bike trail up to Blackenalp: from Engelberg via Alpenrösli and Stäfeli up to the alp at 1770 metres above sea level, which already hints at the steep ascent over the Surenen Pass. With the Motörli on the bike, it's all half as wild, but twice as beautiful and enjoyable. And since you're "hitchhiking" anyway, you've really earned the fine cheese on the Blackenalp. 

Lots of fun for families
Children who are lazy about hiking must always be enticed with a treat. And if a shortcut by cable car (possible for all cheese dairies) doesn't entice them enough, I have a few better arguments ready: a visit to Alp Langenboden and/or Hüttismatt on the Brunnis side can be combined with a ride on the summer toboggan run and a visit to the large playground on Ristis. Or the hike to the cheese dairies in Untertrübsee and/or Gerschnialp can be rewarded with a speedy downhill ride on the scooter. 

Alpine cheese à discretion from Uri
The eight alpine cheese dairies are not all located on Engelberg soil, but belong to the neighbouring cantons of Uri and Nidwalden. The canton of Uri is strongly represented. With the alpine cheese dairies Blackenalp, Stäfeli, Steinäbnet and Surenen, four cheese dairies are located on Uri soil. Due to their diversity, all four cheese dairies are worth a visit.  

Tips for the leisurely
For those who like to combine the beautiful with the cosy, here's a tip: not only do individual alpine dairy families offer opportunities to stop for a bite to eat, but there are also recommendable restaurants all along the trail. The Alpenrösli or Stäfeli is a good choice when visiting the Blackenalp, Surenen, Stäfeli or Steinäbnet alps. The traditional Flühmatt restaurant is a perfect stopover for hikers on the Brunniside with the Langenboden and Hüttismatt Alps. Incidentally, cheese can be bought quite conveniently in the monastery's cheese dairy - many alpine cheeses from the region are on sale there. And from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. you can even watch the cheese being made.

Many other places to stop, stages and variants as well as all the information on the main route can be found here


Text: Andrea Hurschler
Die Engelbergerin Andrea Hurschler hat als Studentin einen Sommer lang auf einer Alp im Welschland gearbeitet. Das Französisch ist zwar leider nicht mehr so präsent, umso mehr aber die Liebe zu Alpkäse, Alpwirtschaften und zur Ruhe der Natur.

Pictures: Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus