Our cableways will transport you in safety and comfort to altitudes of up to 3,020 meters

Spectacular small cable cars

The Engelberg valley is also home to many traditional Swiss cableways, operated by local farmers or other private owners. A trip on one of these is always a special experience for young and old.

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Let the little Buiräbähnli in the Engelberg valley take you up the mountain and start your hike or bike tour with a little adventure. Below you will find an overview of the individual railroads and recreational opportunities.



The cable car runs on demand: You sit down in it and announce yourself by phone, following which a member of the Töngi family sets the gondola in motion. Unlike most cable cars, the gondolas are not suspended in an oscillating fashion from a central running gear, but are suspended at the front and back. Thus, they tilt according to the gradient of the track rope and tilt forwards or backwards when this changes. This effect is particularly impressive during the descent in this lower section, when the gondola passes the mast on the cliff edge and the track rope tilts abruptly towards the bottom of the valley.



The railroad is always open - summer and winter. There is no timetable. When you arrive at the station, you call the Töngi family with the nostalgic telephone and get all the information you need to go up.

Buiräbähnli tickets

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The pass includes the ride with 8 Buiräbähnli in the Engelberg valley. The rides can be taken on different days and do not have to be completed "in one piece".



The Bielen mountain area is located at 1100 meters and can be reached via the Bielen cable car. The area is mainly visited by paragliders and has a small parking lot at the Geissmattli valley station. Otherwise, the mountain railroad can also be reached in 15 minutes from the Zentralbahn stop Grafenort.



The organic mountain farm Oberalp is located on the sunny side of the Engelberg valley at 1413m above sea level and belongs to the municipality of Wolfenschiessen. You can reach it from the valley with two cable cars. The mountain home has been inhabited all year round for three generations. The Arnold family of mountain farmers attaches great importance to animal-friendly husbandry and manages the steep mountain slopes with Rhaetian gray cattle.



The cable car Nechimatt-Diegisbalm brings you from Wolfenschiessen in only a short travel time high above the Engelberg valley, in the middle of a beautiful and quiet hiking area. Here you can enjoy a relaxing time, away from the busy paths in the beautiful mountain world.



The railroad is always open. Summer and winter, day and night. There is no timetable, it is always driven when guests are there. Call with the phone at the valley station, get on and off you go. If no one answers the phone, self-service is the order of the day.



The mountain railway operates all year round in summer and winter. To start the ride, simply press the button in the train and just a few moments later the door closes and the ride starts.

Fell - Spis


The cable car is in operation all year round in summer as well as in winter. To start the ride you have to call Mr. Durrer with the installed phone at the station. He will then operate the cable car and transport you safely up or down.



The railroad is in operation all year round in summer and winter. To start the ride you have to call Mr. Durrer with the installed phone at the station. He will then operate the cable car and transport you safely up or down.



The Bord-Bahn can be reached on foot in about 30 minutes from the village center. (Train station - monastery - Wydenstrasse - Kilchbüel or via Grottenweg) The train goes up to Unteren Bord, from where you can hike comfortably in 30 minutes to Flühmatt or in 45 minutes up to Ristis.

More small cable cars

In addition to the official Buriäbähnli, which are part of the Buiräbähnli Safari, there are other small cable cars in Engelberg and the Engelberg Valley.

Stäfeli -Äbnetbahn

From the Fürenalp car park it takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to walk to the valley station at Stäfeli. The cable car takes you up to the Äbnet Alp at 1670 metres above sea level. Surrounded by the fantastic view of the Schlossberg, the large and small Spannort and the Titlis, everyone goes into raptures.


You can get from Untertrübsee to Trübsee with the "Älplerseil". The small cable car is easy to reach by foot, by bike or by car from Engelberg in summer. In winter, the cable car is located directly on the ski slope between Trübsee and Engelberg.


The chairlift takes you up to the Haldigrat in summer and winter. The Haldigrat mountain area - the western shoulder of the Brisen - is made for hiking. The area offers numerous hiking routes that provide wonderful hours in nature for families as well as for experienced hikers. In winter, the area is known for freeriding and is a true paradise for all powder lovers.


The small railway takes you from Grafenort to around 1350 m a.s.l. The Brunniswald mountain station is the perfect starting point for many hikes in the area around Engelberg.